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A hard-working insurance and investment planning firm, Jackson Kennedy advisors deliver well thought-out solutions to complex problems rooted in truth and accountability in a language people understand. 
Matthew R. LaMarre
Managing Partner
Aaron E. Wooster
Managing Partner

Office Location

810.626.3226 x. 102


In the spring of 2008 my wife and I welcomed our son Jackson (who is half the namesake) to the world and we as any parents were equal parts thrilled and terrified.  Four months after his birth I noticed a nagging pain in my side which as any man would do I ignored.  After a few days of that subtle pain becoming ever more persistent I self-diagnosed myself with Appendicitis and proceeded to the emergency room.



810.626.3226 x. 101


I made the transition from a local church where I served as a Pastor of youth and family ministry into the Financial Services industry in 2009. In many ways, I went from one "people business" to another. The personal interaction I have with my clients and the relationships that develop are what make me excited every day to come to work.

From the Owners


On a daily basis we provide advice and consultation regarding what, to us, is one of the most important aspects of safety and security in the life of our clients. When properly structured and implemented, insurance and investment products can have an immeasurably positive impact in the life of a family.


Take the mother that unexpectedly passes away from breast cancer, and the life insurance policy that allows her husband to raise their children, pay for college, and plan for retirement without a constantly looming financial burden. That policy might afford him the opportunity to work less and focus on the kids or provides the funding that allows the family to stay in their home and maintain their current lifestyle. Or maybe it's the retired couple whose Medicare Supplement plan allows her to receive the lifesaving heart surgery she needs from the provider she wants without crippling their retirement accounts.


From the investment management side of our business, prudent financial planning is a cornerstone to ensuring that your American dream, whatever it might look like, can become a reality. Investing in today's market allows ordinary citizens like you and I to financially participate in the profits of large multinational corporations that can grow a modest portfolio into retirement income to last a lifetime.


When improperly structured and implemented, insurance and investment products can have a devastating impact from which there can be no recovery. At Jackson Kennedy you can be sure to receive guidance of the highest caliber from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source. We look forward to earning your business and friendship.

Matthew LaMarre and Aaron Wooster, Jackson Kennedy Insurance & Investments

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