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Individual & Family Health Insurance (non-Medicare)

The health insurance landscape has evolved considerably since the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka. Obamacare) in 2010. Whether you are looking to compare programs through the newly created Health Insurance Exchanges or wish to go direct to the insurance companies, we can help you and your family find the right coverage to fit your needs. Among the many reforms this law brought about, most notably insurance carriers can no longer deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. We can also help you apply for financial assistance to help lower your insurance costs, copay's, and deductibles.


Medicare Plans

Medicare is available to any qualifying US citizen either upon turning 65 or in the event of severe disability prior to age 65. The federal government provides Medicare part A (Hospital coverage) and Medicare part B (Medical Coverage) to enrollees, but there are a myriad of additional programs and plans to consider to make sure that one is adequately covered. At Jackson Kennedy, Medicare programs are not just a fringe benefit that we dabble in occasionally. Having placed and serviced thousands of policies, we maintain a level of knowledge and product availability unmatched in our industry. Plans and support are offered in the following areas:


  • Medicare Supplement (also called Medigap) Plans

  • Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage)

  • Medicare Part D (Prescription Coverage)

  • Dental/Vision

  • Post Hospital


Group Health

If you own a large or small business, you know that selecting a quality health insurance plan for your employees can be expensive and time consuming. Working with a non-captive insurance agency like Jackson Kennedy means that we can submit your group insurance request to a multitude of insurance companies to ensure that you get the best coverage for your money.


Life Insurance

One of the most powerful tools in protecting your lifestyle in the wake of unforeseen tragedies, life insurance gives you considerable leverage. This means that the amount of money you pay in premium is minute compared to the financial benefit it provides. Depending on your needs you may want either a term, whole, or universal life policy. Understanding the differences and selecting the right plan will provide the protection your family needs.


Long Term Care

Long term care is possibly the most commonly overlooked area of insurance protection for those 50 and over. While it's certainly not an enjoyable topic of conversation, the facts speak to the importance of creating a plan. The likelihood of needing long term care over age 65 is significantly higher (70%) than the likelihood of a home fire (25%) and yet only 3 in 10 Americans over 65 have established a plan for their long term care needs. Putting coverage in place to address this concern only gets more expensive the longer you wait, and also increases the likelihood of being declined due to health issues.

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